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Long Serving Temporary Worker

My experience with registering with Red Personnel has been nothing but exceptional. Having registered with a couple of Agencies before, it was refreshing to engage with Recruitment Consultants who were professional, client focused and most importantly understood my career goals and personal motivations. Furthermore, I consider the Red Personnel team career developers, coaches and motivational because they encourage the development of their client well certainly myself understanding me both as a professional and personally. Communication is key and the team at Red Personnel understand the importance of this from answering my queries and concerns to providing feedback on the outcome of an application or an interview which is a rarity in the recruitment agency field. That’s what made them stand apart from the crowd of recruitment agencies for me. I have highly recommended the agency to friends who are in search of new positions and careers and I am pleased to say they have had the same experience as myself which undoubtedly sums up Red Personnel as a company and a team.”


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