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You’ve probably been thinking about it for a while and now you’ve finally decided to take the plunge and quit your job. Now, the only thing you have to do is actually tell your boss…

Leaving behind a job you’re so familiar with can feel daunting and telling your boss can seem even worse. But don’t worry – if you’re ready to hand in your resignation, we’ve got some important steps you can take to end thing in the best way possible.


No surprises

Once you’ve decided to quit your job, it’s best to inform your boss first before anyone else. Don’t go telling everyone else in the building beforehand – this could turn into gossip which your manager might hear. Try and avoid offloading to your colleagues and pencil in a meeting with your boss to discuss your decision. 

Preparation is key

You never know how your employer will react when you resign from your job, so it’s important to be prepared. There’s a good chance you may work your full notice, however, your manager may ask you to leave immediately in some circumstances, i.e. if you’re leaving to go to a competitor company. Be sure to organise your projects, clean up your business space, computer and desk drawers before you leave.  

Write it down

It may seem easier and more convenient to make a phone call or type out a quick email, but the best way to hand in your notice is in the form of a letter. It should be brief and should include a short explanation of why you are resigning, the date of your last day and a few kind words to express your gratitude. Although the job may not have been the job of your dreams, it’s a good idea to leave on a positive note!

Give notice

The industry standard, according to, states that you must give at least one weeks’ notice to your employer if you have been in your job for more than one month. Your employer may negotiate this to give them time to find a replacement or find cover staff for your current position. Giving notice is not only mindful of the company and their work procedures, but will also give you a chance to plan your next steps and look for another job if you haven’t already.

Be professional

Just because you’ve handed in your notice doesn’t mean you can stop doing your job straight away! Keep working hard and get those last projects finished before leaving. Remember, you’ll probably want a job reference from your current employer and continuing to work at your normal standard will demonstrate your great work ethic.


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